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10 Skin Care Tips to Follow During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is by far the most beautiful time for any woman. The feeling of another life growing within and anticipation of that life coming into the world is an incomparable emotion. But it’s certainly not a hunky dory journey and every mother or expecting mother would vouch for it. It comes with a bagful of challenges from morning sickness to dietary changes and skincare woes. your everyday life starts to follow a whole new routine to look after you and your growing baby.  

The one area that needs to be especially taken care of is following a skin care routine that is both simple and safe. It’s the time when your whole body undergoes change and your skin and hair will not stay unaffected by the hormonal turmoil that happens. 

We share some skin care tips that you can use to pamper yourself with.

1) Stay Hydrated

Make sure to drink a lot of water. Apart from washing out the toxins from the body, it helps in maintaining the right amount of amniotic fluid in your body that is good for you and your baby’s health.

2) Get Sufficient Amount of Sleep

Getting plenty of rest helps you stay full of energy, thus preventing dark undereye circles.

Getting plenty of rest contributes majorly towards having healthy and beautiful skin during pregnancy.

3) Eat a Balanced Diet

Always follow the advice of your doctor regarding your diet. There are some dos and don’ts they tell us about. Health of your skin during pregnancy (and always) largely depends upon the food that you eat.

4) Avoid Harsh Soaps

Skin care, especially face care should be your topmost priority during pregnancy. Harsh soaps strip your skin of natural oils, making it dry.

It would be a good idea to switch to a moisturizing body wash or facial cleanser for supple skin.

5) Take Care of Acne Breakouts

Skin breakouts or acne is a very common problem during pregnancy. Hormonal changes are responsible for pregnancy acne and it is more common amongst women with a history of acne issues. 

Avoid any over-the-counter spot  treatments. It is good to wash your face twice daily with a gentle, oil-free, alcohol-free non-abrasive facial cleanser. Avoid over-cleansing. Pat dry after washing. 

If you have oily skin, shampoo daily, preferably with a gentle natural shampoo.

Do not pop the breakouts, however tempted you are because that can result in permanent scars. 

Most importantly, keep yourself protected from UV rays by applying sunscreen daily.

6) Use Correct Makeup

Should you have to attend an event while pregnant, at least some amount of makeup is unavoidable. Use chemical-free products as much as possible. Try to use minimal makeup with the ‘less is more’ approach.

There are chances that your skin might turn oily from a non-oily one or vice-versa, but you have to make changes accordingly.

7) Remove Makeup and Moisturize Before Sleeping

Sleeping with any kind of makeup on can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. The skin repairs and renews itself overnight and creates a vibrant appearance in the morning.

It is advisable to clean and moisturize your face before you sleep. This helps in getting rid of any unwanted dirt and chemicals that may be present on your face.

8) Cleanse Well

One can’t control the hormonal roller coaster ride during pregnancy but you can at least make sure that you cleanse your skin well. 

Throughout the day your skin attracts dirt which will not simply go away at night. When you cleanse your face, you free it from impurities allow it to heal and repair. Clean skin while you sleep is so important for the natural cycle of cell regeneration and remove dirt.

9) Don’t Over-Exfoliate

Over exfoliation can generally result in dry and flaky skin and even develop a rough texture, leading to patches on the skin.

This does not always have to do with the product you use, but can be a result of exfoliating.

The skin of a pregnant woman is way more sensitive than others. It is extremely important to not exfoliate or moisturize too much as that can lead to dry or flaky skin, causing other problems.

10) Relax and Enjoy This Beautiful Time

We have heard this time and again that relaxation is a must for all the expecting mothers. Having proper rest, even during the daytime, contributes greatly to healthy and glowing skin. 

All pregnant women would relate to the stress that is inevitably a part of pregnancy from time to time. A prenatal massage can do magic for all the stress levels that one might be experiencing. In addition to this, it will also help you keep your complexion clear and skin healthy.

Before you can take care of your new baby, you need to take care of yourself and your unborn child. There’s a lot of advice out there. Much of it is common sense, but you and your doctor are the best to know what is right for you.


Always consult your doctor for the best advice.

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